Meta Ghost Project

  /   8888   MINTED
100   VLX / NFT

The Meta Ghost Project is a limited collection of 8,888 “Meta Ghosts” that appear on the forgotten metaverse lands.

The collection is randomly generated from a lot of traits such as body, artifact, outfit and much more!

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  /   8888   MINTED
100   VLX / NFT

The Project

This project won't be a simple NFT collection, it's just a small piece of our puzzle!

Once you have your metaghost you won't have simply a NFT picture!

Your personal metaghost will be the key to create your first NFT collection using our application for free
If you are a lucky bastard and your metatghost is legendary you are entitled to create five NFT collection for free.

We want to build an NFT collection generator with following features:

A website app where you can configure any kind of NFT collection as you wish, bit art, 3D art or whenever you want
Make your collectibles available for every chains support smart contracts
Keep our generator website decentralized, the services will be paid by connecting your wallet

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Build website where you can mint random Metaghost for 100 VLX


Launch Meta Ghost Non-Fungible Token collection


You will be able to evaluate the rarity of your Metaghost


Buy .nft domain and build the NFT configurator and collection generator dApp


Connect application with web3 wallets of all chains


Hodl your metaghost nft and build your collection for free

The Story

In a far far away future, in the cyberspace, there are lots of metaverse abandoned lands.
Once upon a time those lands were florid and a lot of avatars used to share their lives chatting and playing around.

It was a great time for NFTs life! People sold, bought and collected them day by day... everyday.
It seemed a neverending story: those lands, those metaverses were built to last forever.

But one day everything changed: a new technology came over and, with it, also new blockchains, new coins and a new way to consider crypto world.

People dazzled from these new, shining worlds, started to migrate to newest metaverses, searching for new lands to find a new beginning and new avatars to interact with them.
The poor ancient NFTs were forgotten, abandoned in the old desolate lands, without anyone who wanted them. No owners. No marketplaces.

NFTs were forgotten forever, for millions, billions years. One beautiful day, a cyber-archaeologist discovered an ancient blockchain node and swiched it on again, one more and one other again. What he found was awful: a lot of poor NFTs without a life purpose.
He wanted to save them all, but they were really too many for his USB key; It was impossible to bring them all back to present and give them new life, so he had a brilliant idea!

The smart archaeologist developed a script with the purpose of bringing back to life at least their souls.
Once the script was ready, he launched it and what he saw was superb. An entire army of ghosts started to run around the desolated lands and each ghost obtained a mix of attributes and traits from the ancient NTFs.

So, cause of their negligible weight (they are ghosts after all!) he decided to bring them back into the newest lands and call them Meta Ghosts!

The Team

We are a team of artists, content creators and developers happy to share with you all our ideas! Metaghost collection it's a phantasmagorical NFT collection of some cute, angry and... why not, ninja ghosts as well!

Matthew Biggie

Giga developer

Serial crypto trader, he loves to lose his money tring investing in crypto gem.


Awesome creator

Videogame and manga addicted, she can't stop to search for unknown manga series.

Si Moon

Super writer & social manager

Dreamer and super-social person, he never lose a party